stargate atlantis collectible box set

stargate atlantis collectible box set

Stargate is one of the most popular science fiction franchises. Stargate allows anyone to travel instantaneously across the universe. The first film in this series premiered in 1994, and it explored the idea of extraterrestrial beings having an influence on the human race and its development.Stargate Atlantis_image one

Stargate: Atlantis

Stargate: Atlantis was the second time that the military science fiction franchise came to television. Often abbreviated as SGA, the series was a spin-off of the first Stargate television series, Stargate SG-1.

Premiering on July 16, 2004, the series was broadcast on the Sci-Fi channel in the United States and The Movie Network in Canada. Most of the series was filmed in Vancouver. The pilot episode depicted Dr. Daniel Jackson discovering the location of the lost city of Atlantis. An international team is sent by Stargate Command to travel to Atlantis.Stargate Atlantis_image two

Over the course of five seasons, Stargate: Atlantis was a huge ratings success for the Sci-Fi channel, and it attracted European and Australian audiences as well. The series was discontinued in 2008, and while there are no new episodes coming in the future, the five seasons provide more than enough action-packed science fiction to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Where to Watch

Stargate: Atlantis is available on streaming services such as Hulu and Prime Video. However, the episodes on the streaming services are the exact same as those that originally aired on traditional television. Some services may lack the entire collection of episodes, and they may be dropped from these streaming services at any time.

Streaming services are passive bills. They require you to sign up for a monthly subscription. If you don’t have the financial security to always guarantee that you’ll be able to pay your premium for your subscription, you don’t want to take this route. The best way to watch every episode of Stargate: Atlantis is to purchase the collectible box set.

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Why Do I Need The Box Set?

When you purchase a collectible box set of Stargate: Atlantis, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of streaming services. There are no monthly subscription fees and no commercials. Not having to deal with commercials is enough incentive for fans to drop the money to buy the box set.

Additionally, you also get extra content when you purchase box sets. The collectible box set comes with 50 additional hours of special features. Special features include extended episodes, behind-the-scenes extras, and commentary by the cast and crew.Stargate Atlantis_image four

You could see things that you never saw on television when watching the original series. Behind the scenes on the set of a science fiction production is wildly fascinating. You’ll get to learn all of the ins and outs of your favorite episodes, and you can witness special effects come to life right before your eyes.

Do you want to know more about the people who brought your favorite show to life? Commentary from producers and writers provides valuable insight into how Stargate: Atlantis was created as well as how they made it flourish. Your favorite characters provide commentary as well, revealing the people behind the acting.

With the box set, you’ll get 20 DVDs that contain all episodes in the five seasons of Stargate: Atlantis. You can have a binge session without ever having to sign into a streaming service or listening to boring, monotonous commercials.

Besides saving money by not having to pay a monthly subscription fee, you’ll also save money on your Internet bill. Since you’re watching the show on DVD format, you don’t have to have a smart TV or a device that’s connected to WiFi.

The collectible box set is perfect for anyone looking to save money, or for viewers who don’t have Internet. While it may seem like the entire world runs on the Internet, there are a lot of people who cannot get Internet in their homes due to geographical and economic restrictions.Stargate Atlantis_image five

Owning your own copy of the show also guarantees that you don’t have to worry about your favorite show getting pulled from a streaming service or being shown re-runs out of order when they pop up on cable television.

Collectible Value

If you’re a collector who loves to capitalize on fandoms, you need to purchase the collectible box set of Stargate: Atlantis.

Firstly, the show aired on cable television in 2004. Any fan who watched it while it was on air is at a wage-earning age. This demographic has the money to spend on items from their favorite franchise.

Secondly, Stargate: Atlantis isn’t getting any younger. As a series ages, the original fans become deeply loyal, and there is more and more time for newer fans to come aboard. As time marches on, even used disks containing the episodes will be worth something to collectors. As the show is now off air, there’s no telling how much longer DVDs of the episodes will continue to be produced.

You, as well as other fans of Stargate: Atlantis, could soon face a future where there is nowhere else to watch the series except on these DVDs. As the supply of these box sets decrease, their value will increase exponentially. Soon, you could be selling your DVDs for double, maybe even triple, what they cost you.

Being able to watch the series is much more tangible and enjoyable than other merchandise from the series such as figurines or trading cards. Over and over again, you’ll get to relive your favorite Stargate: Atlantis moments.

If you’re a current fan of Stargate: Atlantis, you’re a fan of the other Stargate installments, or you haven’t had the pleasure of watching the series yet, you really should purchase a collectible box set. You won’t have to deal with pesky streaming services, you can watch the show whenever you want without accessing the internet, and you’ll get to enjoy bonus content that other fans haven’t been able to see.

Owning the box set also makes the show more accessible to others around you. If you have a partner or friend who you think would love Stargate: Atlantis, you can invite them over or lend them your DVDs. You’ll be doing them a huge favor.Stargate Atlantis_image six


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