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Wednesday, Aug 04

Collecting 1/6th figurines can be exciting. These figurines by Hot Toys represent popular characters from many universes, including but not limited to DC, Marvel, and Star Wars.

Collecting these realistic figurines can easily become addictive. Who wouldn’t want to have their favorite characters shrunken down and kept in their home? The secret to collecting Hot Toys is to remember: you don’t have to own them all.

How to Start

Before beginning any collection, you need to identify your goals. Are you becoming a collector to holster the joy these characters have brought you all for yourself, or are you interested in a collection that has a high monetary value?

You don’t have to sacrifice joy when you’re looking to collect for money, but there are a few different behaviors that you will have to adopt.Justin's Collection_Star Wars Hot Toys

Collecting for Value

If your collection is centered around its value, every purchase you make will have to be worth it. Every time that you spy a new Hot Toy you don’t own, you have to ask yourself, “Will I get my money back?” Not only is a return on your investment important, but you also want to make a profit.

You need to purchase the figurine at the lowest price possible, then turn around and sell it for the highest price possible. This scenario doesn’t have to happen for every single figurine, but if you get a high enough profit margin on some of the figurines, you can rest assured that you have enough money to continue your collection.

When you’re trying to expand the value of your collection, nostalgia is your best friend. Everyone loves to reminisce and relive happy memories. You can capitalize on this love for nostalgia by purchasing items that are related to older story lines.

These items can include characters from the original Star Wars series, such as Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia figurine or Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Purchasing Heath Ledger’s Joker figurine could also help you get a pretty penny, as many regard his rendition of The Joker as iconic and the actor is no longer living.

Stan Lee’s death in 2018 exponentially increased the value of all things associated with him. The prolific producer and artist was behind many hero’s story lines in the Marvel Universe, and his influence helped take Marvel from a small line of comics to the massive multimedia powerhouse it is today.

Stan Lee often made cameo appearances in the films he helped bring to life. There are several Hot Toys figurines that depict his iconic cameos, and these figurines are bound to increase in value as the time we have without Stan Lee in the world increases.

Aside from the usual iconic performances, there are some figurines that are simply timeless. Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor and the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers Endgame are examples of these. These components were an integral part of the story line, and their value is higher to those who enjoy these movies.

R2-D2 is another example of a timeless figurine. R2D2 is present in many different movies across the Star Wars series, with the most recent appearance in Rogue One in 2016. This means that there are fans from many different age groups who know and love R2D2. He’s not linked with a particular actor, so you can’t count on any posthumous value, but it’s a safe bet that he will remain loved for many, many years to come. The same qualities can be said about Storm Troopers. They’re present across the Star Wars series, so young and old fans know who they are.

Lesser-known characters can also help you get a return on your collection. Marvel’s Venom didn’t do as well in the box office as other movies in the Marvel universe, but fans of the original comics acclaim it as iconic. Venom’s fan base is fanatic, and they will pay good money for anything related to the character.

Knowledge of the comic and movie industry are important in collecting Hot Toys for cash. You need to know which franchises are hot on the market and which will forever remain in fans’ hearts.

Collecting for Yourself

When creating a collection that is only for your enjoyment, you don’t necessarily have to worry about the money. Don’t get carried away; this statement doesn’t mean that you should blow your life’s savings on collectible items. The intention is to say that you don’t have to worry about whether items are of value and whether their value will increase.

Each transaction you make can be made with your heart instead of your wallet. One of the newest series that is taking the entertainment industry by storm is Star Wars’ The Mandalorian. People are falling in love with Star Wars all over again, thanks to Baby Yoda. You’ve probably noticed the influx of Baby Yoda merchandise in stores and online.

Those that base their collections in monetary value shy away from collecting this hot, new merchandise. Some collectors claim that the Baby Yoda craze is just a fad and that it will soon pass with time. However, collectors who follow their hearts don’t care if it’s just a phase for everyone else; they thoroughly enjoy the character and its associated merchandise. If you love Baby Yoda, go ahead and buy the Hot Toy figurine. Don’t trouble yourself about whether the figurine is going to double in value or not.

Another fantastic part of collecting for your own pleasure is that you don’t have to worry about keeping the figurines in mint condition. You can actually take them out of their containers and handle them. Who wants to collect something that they can’t touch?

Instead of keeping the figurines locked away somewhere with perfect storage conditions, you can actually have them on display. There’s nothing a collector loves more than showing off their collection. When you collect for your own enjoyment, you can show off your collection by displaying the figurines wherever you choose. Viewers of your collection can also more thoroughly enjoy the figurines by viewing them up close and personal.

Where to Buy

Hot Toys’s website is one of the easiest places to purchase Hot Toys. There, you can see all items currently available for sale and you can even pre-order some figurines. When in doubt, pre-order. You never know how quickly an item will fly off the shelves and waiting too long to order could cause you to lose out on a really great addition to your collection.

Other places online where you can purchase Hot Toys include online marketplaces. Some online marketplaces are framed as auctions, and you can find great steals and some really great finds on auction sites.

Lots of collectors turn to online auction sites to obtain vintage collectible items. Just know that when you’re eyeing a figurine online, another collector is as well. These auction sites allow the buyer to participate in bidding wars for the item. For those with a competitive streak, this could be a treacherous situation.

Do not let your want to win the bidding battle overshadow your want or need for the figurine. If you’re solely focused on winning, you will often end up paying much more than the item is worth. That’s fantastic news for the seller but terrible news for your pocketbook. If you stumble upon an online marketplace that allows transactions to occur in person, be wary. You could be scammed or seriously hurt by strangers posing as collectors on these sites.

In-person purchasing options are available as well. Visit second-hand stores and vintage retailers to scope out if there are any Hot Toys for sale. You’d be surprised what you find. You could even locate figurines that are now discontinued.

At second-hand stores, you could pay pennies on the dollar for a figurine. Saving money is great for any collector whether they’re collecting for their own pleasure or for a profit. Finding items at low cost is especially crucial for collectors looking to make money on their collections.Justin's Collection_Terminator Hot Toys


Storing your figurines properly is important for maintaining the integrity of the collectible. For maximum return on your items, do not take the figurines out of their packaging. This will prevent damage to the paint or structure of the figurine.

If you’re serious about the storage of your figurines, you could invest in UV-proof storage. There are many options available, including clear boxes that allow you to view the figurine or fireproof safes.

Keep in mind that these are 1:6 scale figurines. The average height of a Hot Toy is 12 to 13 inches. When stocking up on these figurines, stay mindful of the space that they will take up. Serious collectors who intend to purchase a lot of figurines should set aside space for the collectibles. This is another reason why it is important to not get carried away when collecting for enjoyment.

You may love every figurine you see, but you don’t have to own something to prove you love it. Stay mindful of your goals, and have fun.




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