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Friday, Feb 26

It’s safe to say that one of the most popular hobbies in the world is watching TV. It’s the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day. Luckily for us, the world of television has brought us some classic television gems that are still just as entertaining today as they were when they were first released.The X-FILES tv series_Pinterest

If you’re a dedicated superfan and want to make sure you have your favorite shows with you at all times, you may want to consider becoming a collector of TV series box sets. If you’re curious to know how to get started – you’re in the right place!

Look for Limited Edition Sets

TV series box sets are getting more and more creative these days. In fact, some even come complete with a collectible figurine or a clever packaging design. Not only are these limited edition box sets cool to look at, they might even be worth something one day.Charlie's Angels tv series_Pinterest

Scour Various Websites for Hidden Treasures

Box sets that are worth owning won’t come easily. This means you may have to spend some time searching the Internet for ones that may not be available in stores. Chances are you’ll also find yourself in a bidding war or two to get your prized box set. Being a collector of TV series box sets isn’t easy, but it is certainly worth the trouble.

Set a Budget

As mentioned previously, there may be times when you have to bid for a particular box set. If the person you are bidding against also wants the set, they will stop at nothing to get what they want. This means you’ll have to be willing to shell out a few bucks to win.Supernatural tv series_Pinterest

To prevent yourself from spending more than you can afford, be sure to set a budget for yourself. This way, you will know when to stop before it’s too late.

What Makes Box Sets Valuable?

There are thousands of TV shows with box sets available, but that doesn’t mean they are all worth something. In fact, it takes a few unique characteristics for a DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD) box set to be considered valuable. For one, demand and rarity are two of the main things to look for. If the box set isn’t in demand, no one will want it. If it’s hard to find, people will want to get it even more.

For a DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD) to become a rarity, a company will have needed to stop printing copies of it. Another way DVDs become rare is if you live in a particular part of the world where not many copies of said DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD) were released.

The condition in which a DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD) box set is in is also a big deciding factor in how much it’s worth. There are five conditions that a DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD) can be in: brand-new, like new, very good, good, and acceptable. For a DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD) to be considered brand-new, it needs to be just that – unopened and still in the box.The Six Million Dollar Man tv series_Pinterest

If a DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD) is like new, it means the packaging has been opened but the DVD was either never used or rarely used. A very good DVD will have been used but is still in good condition. If it is good, it will have some flaws to the casing but will otherwise still work. To be considered acceptable, the DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD) will have a decent amount of wear on it but will still be in working condition.

Where to Sell Your Box Sets

If you are looking to make a pretty penny, selling your limited edition and rare DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD) box sets is the way to do it. However, be sure to do some research first. You won’t want to just post your DVDs on any website or forum. Look for websites where people are willing to bet the most money, and where you know the buyers can be trusted.

Be sure to check and see how much your DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD)is worth before posting, to make sure you are getting what it’s worth from it.

Popular Box Sets

Now that you know what it takes to become a TV series box set collector, it’s time to acquaint yourself with some of the most popular box sets around.

Stargate Atlantis TV series box sets are some of the most popular sets around. Stargate Atlantis is arguably one of the best series around and not easy to find on most streaming networks. Luckily, all five seasons of the show are available in a box set.BLADE tv series_Pinterest

The set comes with a whopping 20 discs, which means you can watch Stargate Atlantis until your heart’s content. The series runs for a total of 73 hours and 18 minutes and can usually be found in new condition.

Friends is another popular show that continues to be a crowd pleaser even to this day. For a while, it was available to stream on Netflix. But much to the dismay of fans everywhere, it was removed just as soon as it went up.

However, fans can still enjoy the show via a traditional DVD set. Friends premiered in 1994 and ran for 10 seasons up until 2004, which means if you’re new to the show, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. With a DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD) box set you can do just that.

The Office is another TV series that gained popularity and an immense fan base. Like Friends, the show was available for streaming for quite some time, but was recently removed. Fans of the show can always purchase the box sets, however, as they come with all 201 episodes spread out over 38 discs.

The Office box set also comes with a disc that includes deleted scenes and other bonus content. This is yet another example of just how much more satisfying it is to collect DVD (BLU-RAY, 4K ULTRA HD) box sets than it is to simply stream your favorite shows.


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