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Wednesday, Aug 04
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Sideshow is a company based out of Thousand Oaks, California, and it specializes in the manufacture of many different collectible figurines, all of which are based on movie and TV characters. Many of these items are now collector’s items, and some have been known to be worth a lot of money. If you’re a collector, or if you just love movie and cartoon collectibles, this is the company you should visit, and their website allows you to purchase them directly so that you don’t have to look all over for these valuable figurines.

How They Got Started

Sideshow has been around since 1993 and offers only collectibles from various movie and television show franchises. Since this is all they do, they are extremely good at what they do, and because of this, you can find everything from figurines to life-sized action figures and even unique items such as polystone busts. All of the products they sell are licensed and high quality, so even though some of them can be a little hefty in price, they are well-worth it because of the attention to detail and the variety that they offer.

According to Dun & Bradstreet, Sideshow has the following “stats”:

38 employees (including all sites)

Incorporated in 1995

Annual revenue: $8.9 million USD

DBA: Sideshow Collectibles

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You can get the company’s products online, in certain stores that sell collectibles and antiques, and in the retail sector. Their products are designed with the serious collector in mind, and some of the franchises their figurines represent include:

Indiana Jones

Lord of the Rings

Pirates of the Caribbean


Star Trek

The Simpsons

Darth Vader

These are only a handful of the franchises they represent, of course, and you can get additional information on their collectibles by visiting their website. In addition to movie and TV franchises, Sideshow also has a proprietary line of figures that includes Old West legends, soldiers from World War I and the Civil War, and even zombies, proving that their products accommodate a lot of different interests when it comes to collectible items.Iron Man_Sideshow

The Uniqueness of Sideshow Inc.

One of the many things that makes this company so unique is the quality of their products. They sculpt, paint, and manufacture hundreds of products that look realistic and offer very detail-oriented figures and even life-sized characters. They have collectibles of all different sizes, and they are so realistic that many people are surprised by how much they love them. They offer other perks to their buyers as well, including cash back with every purchase and even a finance plan to help customers pay for their orders, which is important if you’re a serious collector because in many ways, collecting these items is a hobby that can get quite expensive.

To date, the company has sold to more than 429,000 collectors in 123 countries, and they are known for the authenticity in their collectible items, which is second to none. They are so good at what they do that they’ve been featured in numerous trade publications for the collectible and toy-manufacturing industries. They are regularly awarded “The Best of the Year” awards, and they have forged important relationships with Hollywood special effect houses and filmmakers so that their products continue to be just what the collectors want.

Sideshow is also popular in the pop culture world, which is why they collaborate with and offer products by companies such as Mondo, Hot Toys, Prime 1, and Tweeterhead, among others. Some of the brands they create products for include Marvel, Alien & Predator, G.I. Joe, Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, Star Wars, and Terminator. How do they create such masterpieces and intricately detailed collectibles year after year? Their staff includes expert sculptors, artists, painters, model makers, and costume professionals who work together so that each collectible is truly a work of art, unlike any other collectible in the industry.

Just what do they offer to both collectors and movie enthusiasts? Everything from statues and busts to top-notch figures, and even fine art pieces, film prop pieces, and so much more. Better still, they offer most of these things in a wide range of scales, so regardless of what you are looking for to add to your collection, you should be able to find it. In short, Sideshow presents to collectors and enthusiasts their favorite icons and characters from movies, TV shows, popular culture, and comic books, making any collector of figural art very happy indeed.

What Does Sideshow Offer?

Now that you know a little about why the company is one-of-a-kind, let’s go into more detail about what makes their products special. If you visit their website, you’ll see categories such as Trending, Popular Brands, What’s New, Hot Toys, and much more. This makes it easy to search for the collectible you’re interested in. Here are a few ways you can conduct your search:

By artist: JC Hong, Ian MacDonald, Adam Smith, E-Lee, Chadwick Andersen, Matt Black, Richard Luong, Jim Shore, Alfred Paredes, and many others.

By brand: Star Wars, Court of the Dead, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Disney, Street Fighter, Mighty Jaxx Originals, and many others.

By category: Housewares, Decor, Collectibles, Fashion, Gaming, Gadgets, Entertainment, and Housewares, among others.

By character: The Joker, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spider-Man, Catwoman, Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse, Godzilla, and many others.

By genre: Action Adventure, Comic Book, Pop Culture, Sci-Fi, Video Game, Anime, Celebrity, Monster, Music, Tabletop Games, and more.

By manufacturer: How Toys, Iron Studios, Threezero, Royal Selangor, Eaglemoss, PCS, Mighty Jaxx, and of course, Sideshow Collectibles.

By room: Collectible Room, Office, Living Room, Wardrobe, Game Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, and others.

By type: Sixth Scale Figure, Collectible Figure, 1:10 Scale Statue, Apparel, Collectible Set, Jewelry, Model, Designer Collectible Toy, and Apparel, to name a few.

On their website, you can also view upcoming products, last chance items, items that are on sale, and featured deals. The site makes it super easy for everyone to find exactly what they’re looking for, even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person on the planet. They also have a Contests and Giveaways section that allows you to register for a free collectible, which can include any item they sell. They provide information about buying from them wholesale, becoming an affiliate for them, and if there are any retail locations near where you live.

In short, the Sideshow website gives you all of the details you need to explore their company, purchase their products, and find out about things such as gift cards and tours of their studio. Even if you’re brand-new to the world of collecting, it’s easy to shop for your first collectible figurine with Sideshow because their website is current and up-to-date, very user-friendly, and has everything you’ll ever need to know about the company and their many products.Alien_Sideshow

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Sideshow

Before we get into more details about the many unique products this company has to offer, let’s go over some of the questions a lot of people have and the answers that go along with them.

Q: Do they offer any type of warranty on their products?

A: Sideshow offers a 30-day product guarantee that allows you to shop and purchase from them with confidence, regardless of what you are looking for.

Q: Do they offer any specials or discounts for first-time buyers?

A: Yes, if you’re a first-time buyer, you get a full 15% off of your first order. Plus, they send you a coupon for another great deal when you sign up for their newsletter.

Q: What is their financing/payment plan program like?

A: The program starts at just $25 per month and is available on most of the popular items they sell. They take into consideration your budget and even let you choose the date you’d like to make your payment each month.

Q: Tell me more about their cash-back program.

A: Each time you purchase an item from them, they give you 5% back in Reward Points. You can either use them as a discount for your next purchase or wait until you collect a bunch of them and use the points that way.

Q: Do I have to live in the United States to work with Sideshow?

A: No. The company’s products are found in all types of stores throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia. They also ship their products to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Sideshow also has a top-notch customer service department and can be reached by filling out a Customer Support Form and emailing it to them, or by calling their toll-free phone number, which is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST. That number is 855-SIDESHOW (743-3746). They also have various email addresses in case you want to contact them about wholesale or career opportunities, becoming an affiliate, contributing to their blog, or you are a member of the press wanting to contact them.

Now for the Fun Part…

Of course, even though all of these things are great, the fact is that the main reason Sideshow is so unique is because of the types of products they have. If you can think of a character from your favorite movie, television show, or comic book, the chances are good that this company will have some type of collectible of that character, whether it’s a life-sized figure, a fine print, or even something you’ll use to decorate your home. Let’s take a look at some of the characters and collectibles they currently offer to customers, and let’s start with the Sideshow Original collection, which includes the following:

Bounty Hunter: Galactic Gun for Hire

Court of the Dead

Dark Sorceress: Guardian of the Void

Dejah Thoris Premium Format

Dragon Slayer: Warrior Forged in Flame

These collections include busts, figures, dolls, pins, prop replicas, art prints, miniatures, statues, gaming accessories, puzzles, sixth-scale figures, board games, jewelry, playing cards, action figures, and t-shirts, among many others. As you can see, this is one company that provides all collectors and enthusiasts with a ton of items that you can proudly display anywhere in your home or office, so if you’ve ever had this type of interest, Sideshow can accommodate you and make you glad you chose them.

Sideshow also offers life-sized replicas of various collectibles, including a Skeletor Havoc Staff, which is a full 81 inches in height; the Nano Gauntlet glove that comes in a regular and Hulk version; Kier: Bane of Heaven Mask, which is a full 26 inches high and comes straight from the Land of the Dead; and the Iron Giant Bolt, which is roughly 4 inches high and 7 inches wide; among others.

What Is Trendy Right Now?

If you’re a new collector and you’d like to start with some items that are especially trendy right now, the following are what you need to look for:


Iron Man



The Child

You should also keep in mind that with each character, the company offers tons of products, so instead of just looking for a particular character, you should also take into consideration the type of product you’re interested in buying. The figures, statues, and life-sized replicas are some of the most popular types of products to shoot for, but of course, you should always purchase something you’re interested in so that you can enjoy shopping for the item even more.

With this particular company, deciding what to invest in first is a breeze because you can even shop by price so that you always get something that is great for collecting and will look great in a display case or special collectible room.

Specifically for Collectors

If you’re a collector, Sideshow is definitely a company you should check out because regardless of the character you’re most interested in or the item you’d love to add to your collection, they are more than likely to have it. In fact, here are a few items currently for sale on their website and geared toward hard-core collectors:

Batmobile: 1966 1-ounce silver coin

Terminator Genisys: 1984 bust

Ace Ventura sixth-scale figure

Abbott & Costello “Who’s on First” statue

The Child life-sized figure

Spider-Man with upgraded suit sixth-scale figure

ThunderTank scaled replica

Death Trooper sixth-scale figure

Darth Maul Mythos statue

The Child silver coin collectible

Boba Fett precision crafted helmet, replica

The Joker statue

Core Rangers + Green Ranger six-pack collectible set

Poke ball, replica

The Path Before You art print

Batman designer collectible toy

Spacedock Special Edition model

Spider-Man and Mary Jane maquette

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice polystone statue

T-800 Battle Damaged Art Mask life-sized bust

Batman vs. Superman diorama

Kill Kat vinyl collectible

Odin Deluxe 1:10 scale statue

In addition to all of this, Sideshow allows pre-release orders of newer items and lets you know when other collectibles will arrive, allowing you to be the first one to plan ahead for what will go into your collection next. Their pre-release items currently include figures and figure sets with characters such as Captain America, Robin, The Mandalorian and The Child, Iron Man Mark V, Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot), Pennywise, Hulk, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Venomized Groot, among others.

While their “Coming Soon” toys and figures are sometimes too far away to allow for pre-orders, they do whet customers’ appetite for items they can look forward to buying in the future, and currently, they include items and characters such as BTS, Shredder, Pumpkinhead, Ghost Face, Black Widow, Obi-Wan Kenobi, 1981, Clone Trooper, Mantis, Akuma, Marty McFly, and C-3PO, among others. They let you know ahead of time so that when these items come out, you can be one of the first people to purchase them.Johnny Silverhand_Sideshow

Go with Sideshow

Not only is this company second to none, but their hundreds of products make it super easy for any collector or enthusiast to find just what they’re looking for, whether they want items related to a television show, a movie, or even their favorite comic book. Many of the items are products you cannot find anywhere else, and even though some of them cost hundreds of dollars, the company’s easy payment plan means you can pay for them in convenient monthly installments. This means that everyone can afford the products regardless of their budget.

Collectors and enthusiasts alike can find what they’re looking for and learn a lot more about the art of collecting and what is currently popular simply by visiting Sideshow’s website regularly. The company does a great job of keeping it up-to-date and current, and because their items are so well-made and built to last, you can purchase them with pride every time you buy something from this company.

In short, this company makes it super easy for all collectors to find what they’re looking for, as well as find other items they didn’t know existed, making for a great experience. Since Sideshow specializes in these types of products, you won’t be disappointed when you decide to work with them. They literally have everything you could want as a collector, and they offer most of these items at prices that won’t break the bank.



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