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Collectors acquire all types of items for a variety of reasons. You may have an emotional connection to a specific era or really love a certain genre of music or television. No matter your interests, you can likely find something to collect. We can help you get started.

What Is The Rad Oracle?

The Rad Oracle is a website devoted to collectibles and how to go about building a collection of collectible items. Our site includes informative blog posts aimed at beginner collectors who are looking to start growing their collections. Experienced collectors will also discover useful advice that they may have overlooked in the past.

our mission

We hope to equip collectors with the knowledge needed to fulfill their goals. Our mission is to educate and entertain. We want you to get more enjoyment out of collecting.

We also want to help you become a better collector. We point out the common challenges and risks related to collecting, such as dealing with scams or damaged goods. We continually seek the latest advice on building and maintaining collections. As our site grows, you can expect to find recommendations for collecting just about anything.

Whether you are a first-time collector or an avid collector with a massive collection, our blog is packed with beneficial info. Start browsing our blog posts to explore tips for collecting everything from vinyl records to action figures.

who are we?

We are collectors who want to share our knowledge with others. We simply love collecting. Ron Bowen is the creator and owner of The Rad Oracle. The site was created to discuss collectibles and provide tips for building collections. Collecting is our hobby and we enjoy spreading more information to help people with new or existing collections.

what types of item do we discuss?

Almost any item you can think of, someone collects it. There are thousands of categories of items that you may decide to collect, which makes it difficult to cover everything. However, our blog offers insight into a wide range of the most popular collectibles, such as:

Vintage consoles and games

Bottle caps

Vinyl records

Action figures

Coins and stamps



Movie box sets

So much more!

Each type of collectible has unique features and things to consider before starting a collection. For example, collecting bottle caps involves entirely different steps compared to collecting fine art or swords.

We encourage people to perform research before spending hard-earned money on collectible items. You should learn more about how collectors acquire items and the things to look out for when selecting new items to add to your collection.


why start collecting?

We love collecting and believe that you will too. Starting a collection offers many unique advantages that you cannot get from other hobbies. Some of the reasons to start collecting include:

Share your passion

Connect with other collectors

Improve your observational skills

Enjoy the satisfaction of building a collection

Starting a collection can be extremely rewarding. It provides a way to indulge your love of something specific and share your passion with others. You may even connect with other collectors.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Good Collection?

You could build a collection in days or decades, depending on how much work and money you put into your chosen collection. Once you choose the right niche in the world of collecting, you need to start saving money and buying items. However, acquiring said items is not always easy.

Rare items are often more difficult to find or available at much higher costs compared to more common items. For example, a rare baseball card may fetch thousands of dollars while others are essentially worthless. You can quickly build a collection of thousands of cheap baseball cards or invest the time needed to carefully select rare cards.

The process of building a good collection takes some collectors an entire lifetime. The world’s largest collection of vinyl records was gradually acquired by a Brazilian businessman over six decades. Zero Freitas has acquired over eight million vinyl records during his lifetime.

The owner of the largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia started building his collection as a child in 1976. He now has a ranch that houses a collection containing over 500,000 unique items.

The bottom line is that building a collection is not something you should attempt to complete in a few months or years. It should be a gradual process where you take the time to research and enjoy each item that you add to your collection.

how do you start a collection?

We suggest that you start by reading our introductory post on the exciting world of collecting. Explore some of the most common reasons why people start collecting items. You will also learn more about some of the types of items that people tend to collect, such as stamps, coins, comics, and toys.

We also discuss the importance of viewing collecting as a hobby instead of an investment. While the value of some items may increase, investing in tangible assets is a risky way to preserve or grow wealth.

Collecting is typically intended as a fun, enjoyable pastime. You should focus on collecting something that you love. Think about the things that interest you most. You may have a favorite TV show, historical period, or interest in specific types of items.

After deciding what you want to collect, it’s time to start building your collection. Here are a few simple tips to help you get started:

Research the availability and cost of items

Try to find local dealers and suppliers

Research sellers before buying online

Decide how to store or display your collection

Continue to add new items to your collection

Most collections are related to niche categories of memorabilia or collectibles. The availability of items can vary significantly, which also influences the cost of starting a collection. If you have limited funds, you may want to start with something that offers affordable options.

You should also try to find dealers and suppliers in your local area. While you may purchase many of your items online, the most costly items should be purchased in person whenever possible. Buying something locally allows you to physically inspect the item to ensure that it meets your standards.

Always research sellers before you buy items from online stores such as Amazon, eBay, or Facebook. This is especially important when buying used items. Look at customer reviews and examine the seller’s reputation.

Before your collection grows too big, start thinking about how you want to display or store it. Displaying a collection makes it easier to enjoy and admire. Storing it helps shield against damage, preserving your items for years to come.

After you start your collection, gradually add new items. Research the items that you want to include in your collection and set goals. Along with these basic tips, do not forget to check out the rest of our site. View our latest blog posts for tips on collecting and collectibles.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and what we hope to achieve with this website. Keep coming back for more collecting advice.

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